Feeling Safe

Feeling so much joy in your life and then wondering what is next. What do you do when you have gotten to the point where things are going well and you are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You ask yourself “when will I have trust that I can do anything and everything and I am safe”.

This can be a real challenge for people who were not supported in their life, especially when they were younger. Now we are big girls and boys and we just don’t realized that the trust we don’t have within ourselves is something that started a long time ago.

I do have good news for you though. You can get it back. You ask me how? It’s a really simple technique I use where you go back to the time and place and change your perceptions of what it was like then and how it impacts you now. This technique is part of Agape Healing Technique.

Now this technique is different in the way we use it. It is based in God and his unconditional love and healing energy. It is the core reason that I have been able to guide many people though this. Without him I would not have such strength, healing and drastic changes in my life and all the clients I have worked with throughout the years.

When you were young did you feel like you were supported? That you had all the love you needed to feel confident, safe and secure? Do you wish you could go back and give your younger self the things you needed then so that you can heal your life now?

I would love to help you with that. A session with me and Agape Healing Technique can release the old and bring in the new healthy, happy energy you want to your life.

Are you ready to schedule a session and let go? Go to www.airacles.com/schedule and sign up today.

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