I found happiness when I came into who I am and finally knew I was a child of God. Trust me when I say that God and I have had numerous conversations and I thought I could tell him what I would and would not do.

I remember this one time, I was in the bathroom (of course this is the place God really likes to get your attention in) and I heard God tell me I was going to teach. I told him No I was not. He said why not, and I answered him by saying that I didn’t feel that I knew enough to teach. Of course he said “can you here my voice right now” and I said “yes” then what more do you need to know. It was eye opening to me to say the least.

Then the conversations continue with him tell me that I was his child just like Jesus. Now that one was even harder. How could I be a worthy as Jesus, but we are all worthy of his love. We are worthy of so much more.

Happiness, joy, peace, abundance. God is our provider of all of our needs. He is so good to us and loves to provide in all ways. All you have to do is ask. So how do you find happiness. ASK!

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