Letting Go and Feeling Good

That day was like every other day for someone who can feel the energy of others.

I woke up and was doing my usual prayers with God and tapping into his abundant source of love. As I was making breakfast, I feel in my spirit my first client of that day. I knew that her low back was hurting over her right SI joint and it was letting me know. Her hip wanted me to help it that day.

I head over to Airacle’s and she was scheduled with me but also for and Ion Cleanse Foot Detox. So after she was done with the Ion Cleanse we went over to the other room for her to relax and have Agape Healing Technique and Stone Therapy done.

Here’s where it becomes a little different. That day she was scheduled for 45 mins and was to be a combination of all the therapies we offer. She usually gets massage work as the main source of the session. Today was different though. Her body was so ready to let go of this pinned up energy in her hip and I had to listen to spirit and help it release. So as I put my right hand on her SI joint and felt all the heavy energy block not only in her hip but all the way through to her pelvis. I applied the Agape Healing Technique with Divine’s beautiful love and healing energy and you could feel the shift start to happen. There was a little more involved with her letting go and bringing in source herself but that is her story. I can tell you that as I felt the heat in my hands and the body let go a sense of peace came over me and I knew it was done.

She needed just a little more to fill up her cup, so I intuitively tested her for the stones that her body wanted and laid them on her back and hip. She laid there in such peace and I knew it was a time of healing for her. So I step out of the room and let Divine and her body do the rest. I was just the facilitator after all. The vessel that Divine uses to bring in his love and healing to the ones that are ready. Even outside of the room I could feel all the shifts happening and waited until they were done.

I went back in a few mins later and took off the stones and ask her how she was feeling. She said “my hip feel better”. I tested her body and she didn’t want or need any more that day. What was amazing is that only 20 mins had past and as I have seen and learn in the past when the body is done, you do not give it more. So I waited outside of the room for her to come out. She walked out of the room and it was almost like she was in disbelief of how good she felt with me not even doing massage work on her. She was moving her hips around and saying “Wow I feel good”.

This is a typical day at Airacle’s. We feel that when you come to our space and you are ready to let go and receive, your body will release the patterns it’s been holding onto.

I would ask you, are you ready to let go? Do you want to come into a space that is full of love and receive what your body is waiting for? The body holds memories from the very beginning and getting to the source of those patterns, letting them go and filling the body up with Divine source is the approach we take at Airacle’s.

The only way this works is if you are ready to be part of the journey with us. Do you want to be the hero in your life? Where two or more are gathered together, it is done.

As The Body Whisperer I can only see what you are ready to let go of and that Divine allows. Your story and where you hold your patterns in the body and are ready to let go is up to you. I am here to support you on your journey and to help you clear out the junk that is keeping you from a more abundant life.

In your spirit if you feel you are ready to let go, and want Agape Healing Technique to be part of your life. Come and see us at Airacle’s the only place in the world that offers AHT.

Set up your appointment today at www.airacles.com/schedule

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  1. Ok Robin, I need help!! I am always reading your post. I have so much Pain! My lower back net stops hurting, my neck and shoulders are now starting to be consistent Pain. I also am having pain in my knees.
    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis and I 2 deteriorated discs on my lower back and one on my neck. I can barely get dressed in the morning.

    1. Hi Tina, I would love to see you. Are you able to set up an appointment so we can see what the best plan of action is and release what we are able to that day. You can go to https://www.airacles.com/schedule

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