Letting Go

We all have those moments when we want to let go but just can’t seem to figure out why we can’t. Either we think it will be hard or we are afraid of the future. Of course the future will go on no matter what we choose but we think we can control it in some way by holding on to the junk.

A long time ago, there was a girl who was only 14 when she met her hero. She thought he was the moon and the sun. All she saw was how he had his freedom and was going to take her with him. Now he was 20 but had lied and told her he was only 18. So her parents let them date. She was innocent to say the least and very trusting because of her age. Although she had been hurt by her family and people she should trust he was a smooth talker. He told her what she wanted to hear and controlled her with his words and actions. She saw nothing else. Her family life was harsh to say the least and all she saw was a way out. A few years later she got that way out when she was pregnant and married at 16. Years went by and 3 kids and 21 there she was faced with the decision “do I stay or go”. He had hit her in the back of the head for the last time and left her to lay on the side of the road with 3 kids under the age of 5, one only being 6 months old.

YES!!!! She got up after the stars stopped swirling and said it was enough. He had hit her for the last time. She had to let him go and she did. It was a rough couple of years after when it came to dealing with the kids but she was also showing her children that they didn’t have to put up with someone beating them. Let alone the emotional abuse. How did this happen to her? How did she let someone manipulate her? Why WHy WHY is all she would think about for years.

Years went by and she recovered. She went from that teenage mom to a single mom that then operated a million dollar a year company to owning her own company where she helps other woman let go.

You may not have had someone beat you up physically and emotionally or maybe you have but I’m sure if you are reading this that you have had someone take advantage of who you are as a person. Now is a great time to stand up for you. You have to let go of anyone that is abusing you. Creating a space for new loving people to come in.

You have learned many lessons from them and it is time to let go and say Yep I got this. I’m done learning that lesson and ready for the life I desire.

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