That day my window got smashed

I was at home with my older son and we were cleaning up outside. It was a nice summer day and a perfect day to mow the grass, clean out the garage, you know all that lovely stuff. So I pulled the car out on the road so that I could clean the drive way off and not get grass all over the car. I have heard one to many times how the acid in the grass eats the paint.

So we were having fun and moving along. Then my neighbor across the street shouted across the way “What happened to  your window in  your car“? I ran out to the car to look and found pieces of glass all over and a hole in the glass that was left in the window. Of course I thought who broke into my car. As I started to get a little tick off, my so looks at me and says “Mom now you know all things are perfect and you keep telling me what is the lesson in this”.

There I was being taught by the one whom I have raised for 20 years. I stopped the anger immediately and thought he’s right and I said to him “your right I’m going to let it go”. So I start to look on the ground and I see a rock a few feet away and I notice that it has black marks on it. I then remember when I pulled the car out on the road that the neighbor was mowing. I never even thought about a rock shooting across the road and smashing out my window. There I was with what do I do. So I called the police to see if I needed to make a report and they said there was nothing to do. So I walked over to the neighbors house and knocked on the door.

He came to the door and I explained to him, What I had found and what I thought happened. He said “I didn’t see any rocks“. I said I understand that you did not try to break my window but if you would be willing to pay half the of the expense (which I had already called and it was going to be $250) I would cover the other half. He said “ok bring me the bill and I will”.

There I was happy that he would pay half and then walking back to the house. I was still wondering what am I suppose to learn from this God? So the next day I took the car down to get the window fixed, picked it up, paid the bill and brought it home.

There I was faced with taking over the bill to the neighbor. He was the beautiful thing that had happened that morning before I got my car back. My neighbor walked over to my house and told me “hey, I saw were I hit that pile of gravel at the end of the drive and how it hit your car, I will pay the whole bill“. Of course I told him Thank You and then there I was later in the day getting ready to walk over with the bill.

In the past I would have had anger about walking over to receive money, I even would have doubted that he would really make good on his word. Today though, I was so happy that I was going to receive money for my window. As I walked over and knocked on the door and waited for him to answer I felt a little nervous.

He came to the door and invited me in. So I went in and he took the bill and wrote me a check for the full amount. I was so happy and so thankful for the beautiful lesson I had learned about not only receiving but how to trust people at their word.

Have you had moments in your life like this. Do you wonder to yourself “why me?” or “why does this always happen to me”. Do you get all angry and mad before you can even think? I know how you feel. I was so that person all the time and even from time to time now I have triggers that I still have to work on. Each and every time I do try to ask “God what would you like for me to let go of and learn so I can let this go”.

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