Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Being a highly intuitive and highly sensitive person can sometimes be intense to say the least. Do you feel that you are a Highly Sensitive Person or H.S.P. for short?

Here are a few of the things I notice by being a H.S.P.

  • It’s hard to sleep at night because I am thinking of the day and what I need to do tomorrow (this is because we care so much that we can’t just not do something.)
  • I find that I feel everything when I’m watching T.V. (your emotions just seeing one of those puppies on a commercial go into hyper drive, let alone the children who don’t have enough to eat.)
  • Your family always depends on you for help (Yep again back to the “we care so much that we actually do something”.)
  • You go into a big box store or mall and just want to run back out the door (you feel it all, all the people and their emotions, all the electronics and electricity, let alone all the florescent lights.)
  • Going to the cell phone store or into the electronic dept is even worse (goes back to the above one, you feel all the electricity and energy moving through your body.)
  • When someone touches you and you find that is scares you or makes you jump easy (when you feel so much you become more guarded about your personal space and someone coming into it unexpected alarms you more then most.)
  • You find that having a relationship can be more challenging then you would like for it to be (this is because you feel so much from them and you want to help them or fix it that you lose track of who you are and then deplete your own energy.)
  • You always feel best around little children (they are pure and have not had all the baggage we have as adults so they don’t understand the how to take from someone all the time from a place of selfishness that isn’t healthy.)
  • When you are in nature or in the country you feel your best (this is where you are not exposed to all the junk that is in towns so your body can take a break and reboot.)
  • You know things before someone even tells you (kinda an intuitive thing here but a lot of H.S.P. are also highly intuitive and when you feel so much you notice patterns subconsciously and I find you are in tune with all the energy on the planet or universe for that matter.)
  • You take a shower to destress (yes, this is so good because the ion field around you in the shower takes away the heavy energy in your body.)
  • You have more sensitivities to food (your body knows what is and is not good for you so when you eat stuff that is not for your highest good you can feel your body reject it.)
  • You have more allergies (again you are so in tune like with food.)
  • All you want is a break in life (this is because you are not spending enough time in nature, detoxing and letting go of heavy energy or that you are in an environment that is not healthy for you and are not shielded enough.)

Do you have any of the above symptoms of being a H.S.P.? Just clicking on this usually means you do because we continuously search for answers to help us and others.

I know I use to have a lot of these sensitivities and now I can function very well in my life and environments. If someone would have told me that my 20+ panic attacks a day was because I was a H.S.P. it would have saved me a ton of stress and I could have worked on it in a different way much earlier on in life. Here’s the thing though if I had not experienced all of that I would have not developed ways to combat and let go of all the junk, on my own, and through life and research.

If you find that you have any of the above symptoms and you want a life where you can be in tune and feel without all the yucky side effects let me know. I would love to help you have a life that is far more peaceful and also in tune with what you are called to do. You aren’t a H.S.P. for not reason. God’s plan is always perfect.

If you feel inspired to work with me and get answers go to and book a session with me.

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