Every Mom and Wife wants you to get off the Ipad and TV

It was a long hard day and again Bridget felt like she had worked her butt off and for what. She had given her best to her husband and children and found herself not only alone in a moment while they were all on their Ipad’s and watching TV, but feeling alone inside and wondering why and how she got to this place. She knew that when she was younger this was not the life she had imagined.

Her dream of being super MOM, a great WIFE, with the picture-perfect house and picket fence had become a sink full of dishes, worn-out clothes, and crazy hair. This had become her new normal and she was not happy but had no motivation to make it different.

She even thought to herself “What will it take for me to give a crap again?”

She had no idea that she had a blockage in her heart from when she was really young. All those years ago when she had fell in love with her high school sweetheart only to have it all taken away from her. She thought she was over it, after all she met her husband a few years later and fell in love with him. They live in a neighborhood she wanted to live in from the time she wanted to start a family. Did she still think of Jacob from all those years ago? She didn’t think she did but then  again sometimes when she was all alone in her bedroom wishing she had a different life, he had come to mind. She wondered what if he hadn’t moved away? What if she would have went with him? What if her family didn’t control her life back then, would she be happier now?

It certainly was a lot of what if’s and a whole lot of nothing to show or her mind wondering places that just weren’t healthy for her.

It was kinda interesting what happened the next day. Her body was sore from all the yard worked she had done that day before, with little to no help. She felt so tired and just knew she needed a Massage. She called around to see if anyone had any openings and just happen to see that she could walk in that day and see Robin the Body Whisperer. She thought to herself “The Body Whisperer, I bet she will want to run when she see’s what all I have in this body”.

As she went into her appointment it was definitely different then any other Massage she had before. What was most interesting was how her body so needed to have her muscles worked out but how light she felt after a few minutes of Agape Healing Technique on her chest. It was unreal, she felt her heaviness lift and her body relax even deeper into the table. She just didn’t want to think or feel anything. All she wanted was to let go and feel like herself for just a few minutes.

The session was over and she knew it was time for her to go back to her normal life again. So as she was leaving she looked at Robin and said “how did you do that?” Robin ask her “what are you referring to?”. Bridget looked at her and just smiled and said “How did you know I had such a heavy heart and to release it first so that the rest of my body would relax?” Robin said “your body tells me what it needs and you were ready to let go and receive.”

As she was headed to her car to leave, she could feel a little bit of a bounce in her step. On the way home she was a little more excited to see her kids and husband. She wasn’t sure why but she felt more connected to them then she had in a long time.

That night not only did Bridget sleep better then she had in months but she could feel herself cuddle up just a little closer then normal to her husband. It felt so good to receive such love and she thought to herself ‘he didn’t change or do anything different, hmmm”

When you let go of the deep hurts that have control over your life that you aren’t even aware of, you open the doors for more love, abundance and joy to come in. Have you found yourself not being able to connect in with the ones that you love? Do you keep thinking “what if or if I only did this?”  The what if’s and the hope thoughts and mentality will only bring you more heart ache and pain. Until there is action taken, you stay in the patterns of the life that you have created over and over again.

When you read this story of a woman who really wanted change and didn’t even know what was stuck in her body. Do you feel in your heart that you would like to let go of that way of thinking and the heavy energy that manifest itself in your heart. I would love to help you release the junk that is holding you back and bring in the love you desire.

If you are ready to let go and see how it can feel to walk out from a session with Robin feeling lighter and ready to take on your world. Click here and go to www.airacles.com/schedule and set up a session today. 



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