When your child tells you that you are beautiful but then tells you something completely different

It’s 3 am and Cindy was awake again, overthinking had become her new sleep.

There she was up again, staring at the donuts and eating in the middle of the night. She couldn’t give herself a break.  As she gazed down at her stomach she thought “great who would even want someone like me”.

This had become her new normal. She would go to work during the day, take care of her family, and at night she would beat herself up. It wasn’t just about the extra pounds that she had put on but how she couldn’t get a past how much she wanted to be a great mom, and wife but just couldn’t feel loved.

Then the next day while she was picking up the kids from school her little guy looked up at her and said “mommy you are so beautiful”. Oh how he touch her heart but she felt that deep sadness because she felt so heavy in her heart. All she could think was why didn’t I do more to keep myself in shape, love my husband, fix the kids real meals. Oh did the list go on and on in her head. Right at that moment she realized that something must be wrong. She thought to herself “I have 3 beautiful children, a nice home and husband, why am I so unhappy”.

It was later that night when she was lying in bed looking at her news feed, feeling a little overwhelmed at all the happy pictures people were sharing and she saw an ad for Airacle’s The Body Whisperer. She looked at it for a minute and she could feel that little butterfly in her belly and thought to herself “maybe she could see why I’m so unhappy”.

She took a minute to look and thought “Yep, I’m going to go see her, I cannot have my little guy look at me with such loving eyes and feel so yucky inside”.

As she clicked on the link she was directed right to her schedule and found it so easy to just book an appointment. What she really liked was that she could customized the appointment to what she wanted.

It was set, she was going to see her on her next day off.

There she was on a Wednesday morning excited to see Robin but a little nervous. She walked into Airacle’s and found that it was a very relaxing and calm atmosphere.

What was the most surprising to Cindy was that she could feel her body just let go of all the tension as soon as Robin said “I can feel all the heaviness in your chest from not feeling the love you have always wanted in your life”. She went on to tell her how she had put up a wall when she was quite young and that it made it more difficult for her to not only connect with her husband but that when her kids tried to express love she was in denial because that is how she was treated as a child.

As the session continued to unfold she felt so calm and lighter in her body. All she could think was “how did I function before?” She felt as if she could get up off the table and run around the building.

Later that day she went to pick up her kids from school and her little guy looked at her again but this time he said something completely different then the day before. He said “mommy you look different”, she ask him “what do you mean?” he said “you look so happy”

It was in that moment she was so happy that she had taken the time she needed for herself so that she was able to not only heal her heart but give more to her children.

If you have a heaviness in your heart and you just wish you could connect with your children, spouse, family and friends with more love. Come and see Robin at Airacle’s. Letting go of the junk that no longer serves you is the fastest way to make room for love.

You can go to the link below and schedule a customized session. Pick and choose what is right for you. Start by choosing how much time you would like then you can either just receive massage work or add on Agape Healing Technique (God based energy Work) , Stone Therapy (high vibrations stones applied to the body), Viola (joint structural alignment tech) it is completely up to you.


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