Thank you Business Owners!

The beautiful way you take care of others and manage your business is not always seen. Most don’t understand how passionate you are and that it takes a lot more than just showing up from 9-5 and going home. You love taking care of your customers, community and family.

You eat, sleep, dream and breathe your business. Heck when you are in the shower you have thoughts about what you could do and wish you had a pencil to write it all down.

You don’t mind though because you love to make a difference. Every day you are thinking about what can I do to make my business stronger and better? What would my customers love and would make their lives better. How can I give my best and inspire the ones around me to up level their lives.

You want your community to thrive, to take care of your employee’s and your family to have all their needs met.

You are the hero to so many people, not that you would take credit for it!

You may even think “I’m just an average person doing what anyone else would do”. The thing is you are not just average. You are a successful business owner who takes charge and gets things done. You don’t wait for someone else to do it. You up the game of life! You have a skill set that most people would not even see or understand. Heck you don’t even see it sometimes but I’m here to share with you what I see. I see all those moments when you are alone in the middle of the night with all those awesome idea’s flowing through you head. When you get up in the morning and you grab your coffee, head out the door, making your family proud. You may not “Great Job!” often but you feel it inside when you see your loved ones smile at you or when you make a customer’s day. You are the backbone of not only our town but America. Business owners are the creators of jobs, wealth and community. You do what others are afraid of, by taking chances, following your passions, and giving your time, money and energy.

You are my hero! Without you what would our town be like?

What I have found and know to be very true for myself as a business owner, is this. When I make my health a priority my business and personal life succeeds. I receive a massage weekly, and I can tell you my mind is clearer, my body feels relax, and my spirit feels free to explore new ideas and God moves through me.

I know that it has changed my life and the lives of many other successful business owners in our community. They tell me how they have more energy to focus on what is important in life. They feel like they can breathe again and that their body feels so much lighter.

It may sound strange but when you take an hour to heal your mind, body and soul you feel like you have gained days of your life back.

Being a fellow business owner in our community I want us to continue to strive and grow. As we support our town we help everyone involved. I have lived here and plan on living her for years to come. I love having a beautiful place to raise my children. That is why I wanted to give you a gift to thank you for all you do, for your customers, your family and all of us in and around Mt Vernon that live here too. Without you, are town would be different.

As a big thank you to YOU! Go to and in the coupon section put the code ( THANKYOU ) and receive $25 dollars off a hour massage. I love to take care of the ones who are out there making a difference and changing lives.

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