What do you do when you feel out of control with your children?

Recently, I had a new client come in. She was a little overwhelmed in her life to say the least but the most interesting thing to me was how she felt so out of control when she controlled so much.

She is the leader of the house in so many ways but she feels like her children control her. She would give in over and over again and then be upset thinking that they were controlling her.

It was at a point where it was not only effecting her, her job but most of all her marriage. Her husband their father was at his wits ends as well. All he wanted was to protect her and give her everything she needed but all she saw was that he was trying to control her as well.

This is a point that all of us get to, we “think” or our “perception” is that someone is out to get us or to do bad things on purpose to us.

As she was in tears within the first 3 minutes of coming into her session, those tears were releasing energy within her that had been there for a very long time. Her children were older but they had been in her words “manipulating her for years”. I could see the heavy energy surrounding her heart and all the spinning energy around her head. I knew that she was hurting and that all she could do was think and think and think “what do I do?”

I won’t go into all the details they we covered in her session but I will say that when you come to a place that you are ready to “let go”, extreme changes can happen in your life. First you have to address what is the real reason why I feel this way, then let go of that reason, after that you have to bring in new energy that makes your heart happy.

I know this is such a simple process but so powerful, and you may be thinking to yourself “is it really that easy?” Yes it is! The question you have to ask yourself is “Are you ready for that change?”



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