Robin is hands-down so empathetic, intuitive, and gifted. When I first met Robin, I honestly just expected we’d have a normal conversation and I’d just share some of my typical life experience. What I didn’t know was that she would give me such SPOT ON wisdom and instantly make me feel confident, secure and inspired. Robin has a gift for tapping into the core of who you are and guides you with genuine compassion. I learned so much about myself in such a short time and she made me feel like I was at the perfect place in my life. Her guided imagery session was so grounding also! To anyone considering having a session with Robin, I say 100% go for it no doubt ❤

Kirra D

Robin is the real deal! I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we scheduled our session. I went in with an open mind and let our conversation just take off and WOW! I didn’t say out loud that I had been feeling stuck, I had been thinking it and feeling it for weeks. Robin was the one who guided me and she said it out loud for me and I agreed. There was no way she would have known but she did! I’m grateful for her guidance!
-Laura Perez

Robin was very accurate on the health issues I have .
The healing that I did with her has started my healing. 💜💚💙
Cheryl H

Thanks so much for your healing vibes! My migraine has subsided enough to eat some applesauce and take some meds. We will get the arm next time… It is on fire from shoulder to finger tips and cold at the same time. I will be making a note to hang on the mirror in the morning to make sure I show myself love, with some focus on the left arm area. You are amazing, and l would not be on my way to healing without you! Thanks so much, you are a gift to all you meet. 💜
Wendy F

Robin is so sweet and amazing to work with! She really got who I was as a person, and when we did a one on one session she really helped me with healing in my body, and any negative anxious thoughts to be released.
Ashley G

Robin sure has a gift from God! I thank him for her and her ability to help others. She is wonderful!!!
Caela M

You know me without knowing me your amazing. My husband lost his grandma yesterday. I hope I am not missing something but that’s the first thing I thought of. I will be back thank you again
Dianna B

Robin’s healing calls are tremendous blessings, gifts and verifying forces for improving one’s health, well being and even healthy, intuitive love for yourself. On the last call, Robin was more on the money than usual in her assessment for me based on the energy she felt. She continues to validate my intuition and provides insight by going beyond to help you be aware of things or persons who may be impacting your individual energies. Tremendous spirit and soul.
Brad C


I had my first session with Robin last Friday. Wow! We had a GREAT talk about some things going on and how to handle certain things.

Robin also was able to tap into stuff I need to work on for myself. Just from talking with her I felt an energetic shift and left there feeling very good!

Robin is easy to open up to and is a gift to us all! I can’t wait for my next session with her!! Robin I truly feel blessed that we have met!

Blessings and Love



After my session with Robin I felt more grounded

and was able to perform better at my job because

I was centered. It was like all of the negative energy

that was around me was gone. I felt like my Chakra’s

were more open and my energy felt like it became

untangled. It was like the Monkey was off my back.

Alanna H.


We started by making small changes in my eating and exercise habits.

After two months I have lost 22 pounds and am still loosing weight.

I feel so much better eating healthy foods and exercising more.

As we continue the work on my physical body, she is also helping me

 learn to love myself. Robin has given me several guided imagery videos

to watch one of which was on Body Image. Before I watched the video the

first time I had some major body image issues. As I watched the video the

first time I felt very uncomfortable seeing myself in the mirror and how I

looked but as Robin talked me through it I slowly started seeing myself

in a more positive way. At the end of the video I felt better about my body

and how it looks. I’ve noticed that I have a more positive outlook on life

and I look forward to continuing this journey with Robin guiding me toward

 a more loving and happier life”.

Patty D.


Guided Imagery made me feel like someone

was giving me reassurance to a feeling

I’d been having towards a problem.

Emily M.

When I first started coming to Airacle’s I was in pain and I was lost. The first time I came through the door I felt comfort and acceptance. It encouraged me to want to better myself and my life, the Ion Cleanse, the Bio-Scan, and Massage all helped life my spirit to heal. Everyone needs a place to feel safe and allow healing, somewhere full of sincere, genuine kindness is the biggest gift I found at Airacle’s.

Karen P.

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