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Your higher self is calling you

Struggling with the routine of day to day life, all the stress and monotone of work, children, relationships, and just finding clarity?

 I used to feel the same way. Working a job that ran my patience thinner than walking a tight rope, dealing with a spouse that wasn’t always so easy to compromise with, having children that tested my inner strength, and feeling foggy and clouded in my own mind, just grasping for some sense of comfort to make sense of it all. How had this become my life?

After establishing I had a true gift at healing I went back to school, and have since been a successful, and well established massage therapist in my community. It opened my eyes to how truly empathic I am, and that I could literally feel the energy of other people around me. Have you ever been around someone that just always seem to dampen your mood? Been trapped at that overcrowded event that leaves you exhausted and drained when all is said and done? That’s energy! And through different healing modalities, I learned how to bring my own back up, clearing my energetic and emotional blockages, to find clarity and relief from my stresses. 

It all brought to me to this higher sense of self, and awareness, that not only could I feel energy, and see it for myself, but I began getting divine visions, and downloads from God to help heal the people around me. That is where I developed my own unique approach Agape Healing Technique, to first, heal myself, and then began my journey to help heal my community. That is what I’m here to help do for you.

Working with me will help you gain your own insight and clarity to life. Don’t you want that sense of peace at the end of your day? Knowing when life gets stressful you have the tools to work through it instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated? You have it in you, the strength and power to take your life back, to manifest your dreams and make them a reality, are you ready to tell your story and begin to rewrite your own ending? 

About Robin

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since January of 2006, and taught the massage therapy program for three years.

I am a certified NeuroMuscular Therapist since 2006.

I am a certified Health Coach through IIN since April of 2014.

I am a certified Crystal Healer since September of 2016.

I am also trained and certified to operate our Bio-Scan since June of 2017.

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