Sessions with Robin are a unique experience. Come see how a custom blend of massage, life coaching, crystal healing, naturopathic detoxing and supplements, as well as energetic healing¬† can change and benefit your life. We all have a story, Robin will help you realize that you are the true creator of it’s ending to take your life back.

Our services

Agape Healing Technique

Combine massage, energy healing, crystal healing, and Divine coaching to cover all of your needs physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to ensure you perform at your absolute best!

Distance Healing

Not local? No problem. Using online platforms you can still receive access to sessions, online healing calls, emails, and text communications to experience the energetic release you need.

Crystal Healing

Crystals have their own vibration, when placed on the body, your body must lift its vibration to meet the crystals. Experience the unique healing and shift you can feel from this type of therapy.

Ion Cleanse

30 minutes to detox, rejuvenate, and feel like a healthier you. Soak your feet, release all you don't need in your body, and end with a gentle foot massage.


See how your body can reveal what it truly needs. We pinpoint the specific points, test them, and map out the energetic blockages to find a custom blend of supplements to improve how you feel.

Ceragem Table

Manipulating the soft tissues of the body to relieve any tension, stress, and aches you feel. This massage table uses infra-red heat to penetrate deep into the muscles, promoting ultimate relaxation.

Experience Infinite Healing

This is more than just a session, it is an experience. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. You will not only receive healing energy when working with me, you will take this skill set with you to have the knowledge and power to continue healing yourself. You can possess the mentality and the strength to create your own destiny, and tap into your own divine gifts and intuition long after your journey with me.

Time Is Money

Time is precious, and valuable. With online services available, we can work together during your most convenient times. There is also packages involving concierge calls, texts, and meetings to cater to your scheduling and personal needs. With each scheduled appointment you will receive a text message reminder the day before your appointment if for any reason you can not make your appointment please give a 24 hour notice to avoid a charge for the appointment. We love to serve everyone who would like to get in and this allows for us to do so. Thank you for understanding. 

Conveniently located and always accessible for session via video chat.


Hours are by Appointment

Locally Located

Phone: 740-501-2713
Email: robinsmithlmt@gmail.com

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